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Caledonia Construction & Affordable Deleading has been working in the Boston community since our inception in 1996.

In fact, we have grown because of our customers, who have told friends, family and neighbors of the good work and fair prices we have provided. We began working on small project at first, leading to more than just a paint job.

We have learned that being the owner of a single family or a multi unit building, it is not an easy job, deciding on what approach is best and who will follow through and deliver the project in a timely manner. There is a lot to consider may it be a big job or a small one.

We are a licensed Deleading Firm, with experience and knowledge of the process of lead abatement. We have worked on properties involving exterior/interior painting, vinyl siding, porch repair/replacement, window replacement, also kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

So if you are looking at projects and need the help, or are unsure how to read the lead inspection report, we give free estimates and would be glad to help you.


I would like to thank all our customers from the past who have made this company stronger for the future.


Thomas Caulfield

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